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Interactive Touch Display System

Client Engagement, Entertainment, Product and Service Education, Clinical Case Presentation, and Social Media Powerhouse….and more.

Take your practice to the next level and beyond!

Take a look at all the displays available in Montage. Let your imagination run wild and think how any of them may apply to your business. We can develop a custom interface using any of the widgets.


Montage Variety

We Specialize in Specific Markets but Always Welcome a New Challenge.

Our Designers, Programmers, Illustrators and Marketing Experts are very good at learning about our clients needs and creating outstanding solutions to meet those needs interface using any of the widgets.

Entertainment and Engagement

Montage WazUp Board

Now Trending Over 2.2 Million Trivia Interactions per Year...and Growing Fast!

Featuring Solutions by Design’s, WazUp Trivia®! Integrated into the Montage Experience or as a standalone module, our WazUp Trivia currently provides millions of client interactions per year! It is almost always our most popular Widget!

Case Presentation

Case Presentation

Whiteboard for Digital Clinical Case Presentation for Human and Animal Health Professionals

Our whiteboard includes an extensive library of Illustrations, photos an radiographs. Or import your own. Simple to import actual patient records! Draw, Email or Text.

Social Media & Photo Booth!

Photo Booth

Client Engagement

The Montage Camera, Photo Carousel and Reviewer builds awareness in your community.
Facebook Montage User's Group

Join our Montage User’s Group Facebook Community

Join our growing community of users and participate in the development of new apps and share ideas and success stories.

Turnkey Solution

ANDI settings

Montage is virtually self maintained and extremely reliable.

Manage all of your settings yourself in ANDI. Distribute content, post reviews and photos to social platforms in ANDI. Add your own videos, brochures, images bios all within ANDI.

Your suppliers may provide financial support for your Montage system

Business opportunity

Hardware Specifications

Kiosks Fresno State
Montage tower

We feature a variety of hardware options! Floor Kiosks, Wall Mount Units and our Popular Jumbo Smartphone.

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