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Solutions by Design
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We specialize in creating interactive, participatory experiences and one-of-a-kind environment solutions, applying our multifaceted technical expertise for the sports, educational, museum and entertainment industries and beyond.



We are a full-service content-based design firm providing exhibit development services including interpretive planning, design, digital visualization, video production and animation services.

We also provide a full range of hardware products ranging from interactive and display walls and kiosks as well as the installation of that hardware for sports centers, universities, museums, visitor centers, corporate centers, and other public and private venues.

Digital Displays - Montage Interactive Displays
Video Production and Special Effects - Montage Interactive Displays


Content is king. We provide a full range of video production and special effects services. Our studio provides us the ability to create amazing content for our clients for use on displays, websites, and for events.

Action graphics for arenas such as overhead truss displays add an impressive element to your guests' experience. Testimonial videos and interviews with an added element of post-production flare set our clients' presentations apart.


Developing complex software applications requires a comprehensive understanding of the objectives and operations of our clients. We have a unique ability to quickly adapt to your way of doing business.

We consider our enterprise clients, as we do with all of our clients, to be partners. We share a common goal and that is to fully understand your business needs and to partner with you in helping you to realize greater efficiencies in your daily operations with a digital experience.

Software Solutions - Montage Interactive Displays
Website Solutions - Montage Interactive Displays


We are experienced in all aspects of design and writing, as well as front-end and back-end programming. Combining the skill sets of each of our staff members allow us to provide the perfect solutions for a wide variety of clients and their diverse needs.

Website design and development can mean different things to different people. A display website to present capabilities is based upon content and style. Whereas a website for ecommerce or software applications require varied development skills.


Confused by so many social media platforms and options? Not sure how to post, what to post, or where to post and when?

Providing creative copy, analytics and strategic planning solutions are necessary if you are depending upon a volume of traffic to your site for your business. We provide comprehensive social media and website services to our clients so your site will rank in search engine queries and you will get noticed.

Social Media and SEO Solutions - Montage Interactive Displays
Veterinary Displays - Montage Interactive Displays


Montage is all about creating the best client education experience possible. With over 120 professional brochures, dozens of educational videos, tons of information on pet care, procedures and nutrition…all paperless and most of which can be distributed at a touch.


Our roots! It all began with designers 35 years ago when Solutions by Design provided design services to agricultural clients to help market their packaged products such as apples, cherries and oranges. Located in the largest agricultural county in the country, this was our beginning.

We produced some of the most beautiful commodity and consumer programs in the industry. Branding, collateral programs and packaging, soon expanded into the digital world and here we are today.

Design Solutions - Montage Interactive Displays
Space and Site Design - Montage Interactive Displays


Our experience in space planning and space design coupled with decades of experience in construction management with a unique proven artistic sensibility allow us to offer our clients meaningful solutions that maximize both client value and audience experience.

Client Reviews

Star Rating

I want to thank you for all that you have done for me for over twenty years. Solutions by Design has been with me since I opened the practice in Vermont. On February 1, I sold my practice and retired. I don’t think that the new young doctor will be able to produce a new website right away. Of course, I recommended that he utilize Solutions by Design’s services when he can. Again, I can’t thank Solutions by Design enough for always being there for me and being a partner in my success.

Star Rating

I have been working with Solutions by Design for many years. They are our 'go-to' resource for all of our interactive digital communications at the Big Fresno Fair Museum. When I place this much trust in one company with this much responsibility, you know that they are the best. Their creativity, execution, and dependability are 5-star, top to bottom.

Star Rating

I have worked alongside the folks at Solutions by Design in developing the Fresno County Athletic Hall of Fame project almost daily. I have coached basketball for over 37 years and working with SBD has the same team spirit. We put a game plan together and get the job done. There are no hours, no protocols for who to contact…whatever it takes they are there to make sure we win! Their knowledge and talent are unmatched, the HoF project would not be without SBD. I’m proud to have them on our team!

Star Rating

The Italian Heritage Exhibit is a state-of-the-art treasure housed in the Heritage Museum of Fresno County at the Big Fresno Fair, featuring four large touch screens, beautifully designed, programmed, and maintained by Solutions by Design. The Community Committee of the Italian Heritage Exhibit has been working with Solutions by Design since its inception, to develop this very special display. We are most appreciative of the entire Solutions by Design team for their excellent work, talent, expertise, and dedication. “Grazie Mille!”

Star Rating

Solutions by Design has created and brought a first-class sports venue to the Valley. They have made this dream a reality. I am proud to have them represent the long history of outstanding accomplishments of the amazing athletes from this community. Go Dogs!

Star Rating

Solutions by Design first approached us to present Montage for use in a veterinarian office. Intrigued by the idea and its success in other markets, we could see how it would work in our examination rooms. It has been an overwhelming success for our practice as a case presentation tool, as a social media catalyst, and as an educational tool.

Star Rating

Horner Barrow Orthodontics has been working with the team at Solutions by Design for over 20 years. We have had outstanding service every step of the way. You can get a generic logo and website from the other guys. For a custom design that is personal and unique, you need to call Solutions by Design.

Star Rating

I have worked with Solutions by Design on several different projects involving Fort Washington Country Club and Animal Rescue events. From creativity and imagination to design and organization, they turn out an incredible finished product. The first time I saw some of their proposed design work for our Centennial Yearbook at Fort Washington, I could not believe my eyes. You give them the material and your ideas and get an incredible finished product. Easy to work with, a relaxed office with fun people to help in the project, and even a big office dog named Zoey that helps get the work done…..SBD - the best!!!!

Star Rating

DynaFlex has worked directly with Solutions By Design on several products over the last 10 years. They are innovated, outside-of-the-box thinkers… Which is exactly what we were looking for when we began our relationship. We started with light animation work and have since grown into a robust partnership with their software programming team. Each member of their team, from customer service to developers to accounting, has been knowledgeable, communicative, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend SBD for any project within their wheelhouse.

Star Rating

I have been involved in Athletics for over 35 years. I’ve been involved with The Fresno County Athletic Hall of Fame for many of those years. Bill Poss and Solutions by Design have taken the Hall of Fame project to a whole new level. Solutions by Design has a commitment to excellence, second to none. They have an infectious attitude that elevates those around them to be successful. They formulate a plan, they are organized, talented, and above all motivated to see that your project is a success. Looking into the future, The Fresno County Hall of Fame will be one of The Valley's Premier Exhibit Hall. Solutions By Design will have played a major role in that project.

Star Rating

Our customers love Montage! They think it is really neat, especially when we can use it to go over x-rays. The trivia games in Montage keep our customers entertained while we are busy. While our customers love the games and the photo booth…we love the whiteboard feature. We use the whiteboard in every exam to view and draw on x-rays with the pet parents. Montage is a great interactive experience for the clients!

Star Rating

Thank you Solutions By Design for always making the museum look good to the public!! Your friendship and partnership in our many award-winning projects were critical to our numerous successes!! Your technology elevated our facility to the next level which always warmed my heart personally. Thank you for your high level of professionalism that you ALWAYS brought to the table!! All my very best.


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