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Trending over 2.2 million Trivia interactions per year...and growing fast!

Featuring Solutions by Design’s “Waz-up Trivia”! Integrated into the Montage Experience or as a standalone module, our Waz-Up Trivia currently provides millions of client interactions per year! It is almost always our most popular Widget when embedded into Montage.


Choose and play from our library of over 150 games on topics ranging from Dogs in Hollywood to Past Presidents, or the Chicago Bears.

Trivia Screens

Adds instant connectivity between your clients and your practice. Clients compete with one another over a defined term, win a defined prize and are randomly selected and notified.

Competitive Trivia

Global Trivia is similar to Competitive Trivia, however instead of competing against just your clients, each is competing with all of the clients in all of our practices. Clients who compete will also win a defined prize and are randomly selected and notified.

Global Trivia

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