Montage veterinary board

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Montage is an amazing interactive display system comprised of a hardware and software solution.

Calorie counter

Calorie Counter App for both dogs and cats specifically for Veterinary Hospitals.

The software interface is comprised of multiple Apps. Each of our Apps is designed by Solutions by Design for specific vertical markets, such as the “Dog Breed Selector” with “Associated Diseases” or our “Calorie Counter” for both dogs and cats specifically for Veterinary Hospitals.
Dog breeds
Cat breeds
“Choose Your Smile” or “Choose Your Elastics” widgets for Orthodontic Practices. “Neighborhoods” and “Site Maps” are specific to the home building market. Many of the widgets crossfit into other markets. For example, the more common widgets such as “Sports and News” or “Weather” can apply to any market. Even the “Whiteboard” widget can be utilized in any medical market...human or animal. Content such as our “Medical Illustration Library” can be loaded for the appropriate market as well (specifically orthodontics, dental and veterinarian).

Dog and Cat Breed Selector with Their Associated Diseases

Dog diseases
digital communications. Create a fun and interactive environment for your clients. Build product and treatment awareness as well as medications, insurance availability. Montage is virtually self-defined so our users can activate as many of our over 50 widgets as desired, making Montage the perfect fit for your reception area, exam or consultation area or any location where you communicate with clients or patients. Each App can contain display information for your market.
Site map

Site Maps

Site Maps are specific to the home building market

Turn your clinical case presentation into a multimedia experience for your patients. Directly import x-ray, annotate and save or email each. Choose from any of our 3D medical illustrations, educational videos or our digital “care and use” brochures to promote treatment options.
Take a look at some of the widgets available in Montage. Let your imagination run wild and think how any of them may apply to your business. Keep in mind that we can develop a custom interface using any of the widgets.

Montage is virtually self maintained and extremely reliable.

Montage Whiteboard

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