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Montage: New Competitive Trivia

Published on February 25, 2019
montage interactive display

This new update is a lot of fun! We have 2 new versions of Competitive Trivia. Our Fun Trivia stays the same. Competitive Trivia for the “Individual Practice” allows your patients to compete among themselves over a defined period of time. The Trivia Placeholder Graphic alerts each Client to “Play and Win” the prize is typically a gift card, but it can be more, it’s up to you. E...[more]

Montage: New Widgets in the Works

Published on February 20, 2019

Montage is the interactive digital bulletin board that provides a flexible and powerful solution for creating, managing, and deploying all of your digital communications. Completely customizable, Montage works for your practice and ensure all your needs are being met. Here are a few of our upcoming apps that are in the works for Montage.
Competitive Trivia: We have 2 new versions of Compet...[more]

Google Local 3 Pack Matters

Published on February 12, 2019

If you’re searching for anything, chances are you are going to Google it (search on Google). Searching for the best information fast is critical for someone searching for a need or service. Let’s say we are searching for a specific business. Google wants to provide the information that is most relevant to you, depending on geographical location, prominence and relevance, Google will d...[more]

Google Plus Shuts Down! What this Means for You?

Published on February 04, 2019
marketing blog

In December 2018, Google announced to shut down Google+ in April 2019 due to low usage and challenges in maintaining their social platform.
Launched in 2011, Google + (Plus) was Google’s own social media network that was aimed at being different from their competitors back in 2011, such as Facebook and Twitter. Google + was said to become the next big social media platform. If you are un...[more]

4 Things Your Website Needs to Have

Published on January 30, 2019
It's 2019 and people are searching for your business - through social media, Google and most importantly, the are landing on your website. Technology is ever changing and if you have not updated your website in a few years, your business may be due for a digital redesign. You update your phone every few years, your website should also be updated.
Solutions by Design creates custom websites...[more]

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