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Montage June 2015 News

Published on June 24, 2015
During our time in San Francisco at the 2015 AAO Meeting we had chance to showcase our new products and upcoming upgrades. Thousands of AAO attendees had a chance to stop at our booth and speak with our SBD team, learning all about Solutions by Design along with our products and service. One of the biggest hits at the show was Montage. From our interface design to hardware, people were a...[more]

Top 5 Most Popular Social Media Platforms

Published on June 24, 2015
When deciding to make the transition into the social world of business the first question people usually have is “What sites should I be on?”. There are many social media platforms on the market and each has its own different specialty. Do you need to be on every single platform? No. While doing your social media research it is important for you to narrow down what sites you believe ...[more]

Two Months After Mobilegeddon: Google Isn’t Finished

Published on June 24, 2015

google search
For those who are thinking that Google’s focus on promoting mobile-friendly sites has reached its plateau, you will be interested to know that this is just the beginning.
Although Google recently announced that their mobile algorithm update is now fully rolled out worldwide, they seem to be indicating that other factors surrounding mobile search are being considered.
They have begun test...[more]

Meet Our AAO Team

Published on May 13, 2015
our team sbd

Bill Poss
"CEO and President

"My favorite AAO memory comes from a meeting years ago in Toronto. I remember we had a very tiny booth and there were over 40 in our booth interested in what we had to offer, from that point I knew our venture into Orthodontics was going to be a success." -Bill P.

Sheri Netto
"National Sales Manager"

"My favorite AAO memory would be AAO Chicago and the Piano Bar,...[more]

SBD Products FAQ

Published on May 13, 2015
We’re excited to bring all of our products to the AAO showroom floor. With our vast catalog we often get many inquisitive responses to what it is that we do. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and learn more about Solutions by Design
Website Design
Are you website's just template sites?
We feature custom website development. No templates and no canned content. Each site is developed ...[more]

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