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The Secret To Higher Invisalign Rankings

Published on April 04, 2016
Before Invisalign made a concerted effort to advertise nationally through television and online advertising, orthodontic practice websites usually maintained high rankings in Invisalign searches by simply having one or two pages of Invisalign content. But that’s not the case anymore.
Now that more people are aware of what Invisalign is and how it works, and because more people than ever ...[more]

Montage FAQ of the Month

Published on March 14, 2016
How do I remove or delete images from the Gallery?

ScreenPlay Montage was developed to create the ultimate patient experience in the reception area of your office. You can organize, manage and display educational and informational content in one place and make it fun at the same time. We understand that technology isn’t always easy to use, so this month we decided to take one of your Fre...[more]

How can you gain the most value from ScreenPlay?

Published on March 14, 2016
ScreenPlay fits into any office system: a one-step, two-step or three-step. Whether you have digital records, or utilize an imaging program, ScreenPlay is the perfect fit for every office. We understand that you’re busy helping your patients and may not always remember everything after your ScreenPlay training course, so we decided to provide you with a quick & easy refresher course o...[more]

How to navigate the Video section of bLink PRO

Published on March 14, 2016
The video section allows you to select the videos that correspond to the way you practice. All of the available videos are preloaded for your practice. You can preview any of the videos by clicking on the Play button next to each description.
You can remove any of the videos from your video library by simply clicking the Remove button at the right hand side of each video description. Don...[more]

New Websites Launch

Published on March 14, 2016
We’ve had an exciting start to the New Year for our SBD website clients. From January through February we have had 6 of our website clients finalize their websites and are now live! Solutions by Design would like to congratulate the following clients on their recent live websites.
These beautifully custom crafted websites created by our SBD team show detailed skill, knowledge, and prof...[more]

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