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Exciting Changes for SEO in 2016

Published on January 27, 2016
The SEO industry is constantly changing, and one of the challenges for us is keeping up with this ever-changing landscape and, more importantly, continually adding value to our SEO services.
As we move into a new year, we are planning on implementing some exciting changes for our many SEO clients. First and foremost will be dynamic online reporting. Utilizing our popular ANDI client portal...[more]

SBD Website Development - January 2016 News

Published on January 26, 2016
All of our website clients received an e-mail discussing the addition of a SSL Certificate to your website for added security.  This is highly recommended for a variety of reasons. As discussed in the document that you received, not only is this necessary for Chrome but we fell will be a requirement by most browsers to add security to the sites visited.
If you didn’t catch the email on ...[more]

ScreenPlay January 2016 News

Published on January 26, 2016
ScreenPlay continues to gain market share as more and more users are finding and becoming comfortable with its power.  A new update is scheduled for release soon and will include a variety of new animations on appliances.
ScreenPlay Features:
Extensive Animation and Video Library
You can educate patients at the exam as they sit chair-side using o...[more]

bLink January 2016 News

Published on January 26, 2016
Ask your SBD representative how blink fits into your communications Eco-System! 
bLink 2.0 is in the works.
There is a lot of development going on here these days.  bLink 2.0 is a major undertaking that will add a significant amount of new features to its functionality.
The long awaited Newsletters and Survey feature will provide our users with the tools necessary to allow our users to se...[more]

Montage January 2016 News

Published on January 25, 2016
Montage 3.0 was released and looks great!  We have a variety of additional features that will be released in packets as 3.1-3.2 and 3.3.
3.0 added a lot of great features.  If you want to convert to 3.0…it is simple and it is free.  Simply log into your ANDI account and under the Settings tab select Layout.  A list of “versions” will appear. You will see a template demonstrating ...[more]

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