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Google’s New Mobile Index Split | How It Will Effect Your SEO

Published on November 22, 2016

Due to the fact that the majority of searches are now conducted on mobile devices, Google has decided to split their index into mobile-specific and desktop-specific versions.
What is the Google index? Every day, Google’s search engine “bots” crawl through websites and index the contents so that results can be presented to searchers. Until now there has been one unified index for both...[more]

We #MannequinChallenge You

Published on November 16, 2016
The latest internet craze is the Mannequin Challenge! The #MannequinChallenge involves a group of people to strike a pose while being filmed to hip hop artist Rae Sremmurd’s newly released song “Black Beatles” in the background.
The first viral video of the Mannequin Challenge surfaced in October 2016, and it's now trending all across the net. There are currently more than 56,000 po...[more]

‘Tis the Season for some FREEBIES!

Published on November 02, 2016

Get your office into the spirit of the season with FREE selfie signs from Solutions by Design. Download your FREE SELFIE SIGNS to help promote your practice on social media and engage with your patients. Just click the link to get yours now!
Download Now (takes you to this form: http://www.solutionsbydesign.com/freebies.php

What Can Social Media Do For Your SEO?

Published on September 13, 2016
There is a misunderstanding for many business owners about how to grow your organic rankings on search engines like Google. Having an experienced and skilled SEO director is a key to achieving higher rankings, but it’s important to remember that without social media, particularly a social media strategist, your organic rankings will not advance to the optimum level of achievement. These...[more]

Google’s War Against Pop-Ups

Published on September 13, 2016
Last month Google announced that they would begin penalizing websites that display content-blocking pop-ups. These are called “interstitial ads,” you can find these all over the Internet as you try to browse certain websites. This is how they work: you navigate to an article that you want to read and as you are just starting with the first paragraph, a pop-up appears that blocks the c...[more]

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