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Google’s War Against Pop-Ups

Published on September 13, 2016
Last month Google announced that they would begin penalizing websites that display content-blocking pop-ups. These are called “interstitial ads,” you can find these all over the Internet as you try to browse certain websites. This is how they work: you navigate to an article that you want to read and as you are just starting with the first paragraph, a pop-up appears that blocks the c...[more]

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Published on September 08, 2016

Important Reasons Why You May Need To Revamp Your Website

Published on September 08, 2016
The internet is ever-changing so it’s important to remember your website must reflect those changes as well. Maintaining your website is essential to your business because most potential leads come from searching online for goods and services. Typically, the first impression potential customers of your business get will come from your website and other platforms your business is connect...[more]

Introducing Instagram Stories

Published on August 22, 2016
Many of our clients have asked about or considered starting a Snapchat account, but after realizing that it really requires a full-time staff member to maintain an active successful account, they opt out. Well, we have some good news for those of you wanting to add to your social media presence, but not ready for the responsibilities of Snapchat. Earlier this month, Instagram announced it...[more]

The Death of Flash

Published on August 10, 2016
There have been warnings from the major browser companies in the past couple of years regarding their decreasing support of Adobe Flash. Google and Firefox have both stated that it would eventually drop all support for Flash, and it looks like Google is making good on that promise.

This week Google announced that the new version of their Chrome browser, Chrome 53, which is set to be releas...[more]

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