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New Digital Brochure System - Solutions By Design

Published on December 02, 2017

2.2 features new organization of our digital brochure library. The new interface allows each user to organize their brochures in subcategories. Each of our over 75 professionally written brochure include Care Instructions, Procedures, Nutrition Information, Insurance Information and event brochures on Rx Food Products from Purina and soon Royal Canin.

Calorie Counter Widget Launched

Published on November 15, 2017
A new feature on Montage Displays has officially launched. The new Calorie Counter Widget for veterinarian hospitals is officially here.

We have added several new widgets to Montage for Vets, including the new RER Calorie Counter. This new dynamic widget allows client, doctors or staff to select the species...dog or cat then slide the scale to the desired weight then select the pets life...[more]

A New Technology: Fresno County Fair and Solutions By Design

Published on October 31, 2017

Fresno County Fair Historical Museum utilized our Montage Displays and Interface to educate attendees on the history of the Central Valley.
The Fresno County Fair is just one more client utilizing the expertise of Solutions By Design in adding technology to their exhibit experience. Our Interactive Montage Boards present an on-demand presentation of inspirational Fresno individuals and bus...[more]

Montage News: Customize your Montage Display

Published on September 06, 2017

Our new back-end management system ANDI allows each of our users to design their own display.
Each can activate the widgets that they desire and place them where they prefer.
Color of tabs, hearts, backgrounds and placeholders can all be specified to make each Montage System unique.

Increase Your Reach By Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Community

Published on August 18, 2017
Did you know Facebook recently launched “Groups” for business pages to use? This enables your business to create your own unique communities and feeds. If you’re confused how this will benefit you, we’re here to let you know this is a positive thing for your business. This update allows braces a new way to boost engagement and counter the decline in organic reach which all Faceboo...[more]

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