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Calorie Counter

This tool is based upon a study conducted by Ohio State University Rested Energy Requirements (RER). CHoose species, slide teh scale to the pet’s weight, choose a lifestyle, calculate. The tool displays the recommended daily caloric intake for the pet.

Several recommended food products appear. Click on any to send a product sheet via email of text.

From the Doctor

This tool is versatile and can be used to present virtually anything. Supplier Ads, Awards received, Notifications...you can import any graphic and display it here.

Age Calculator

All of your clients will love the Age Calculator. This is a simple to use tool that calculates the age of a cat or dog in “Human Equivalent Years” based upon weight category.

Brochure Tool

Convery all of your paper information to digital. We include over 40 brochures on Care, Procedures, Food and Nutrition, Diseases and more. Most of the primary pet food manufacturers have brochures on their products already in Montage. Royal Canin has a digital interface that presents food recommendations that can be emailed or text messaged right from your Montage board.

Dog Breed Selector

This is a very versatile and amazing compilation of information on over 200 dog breeds and 20 cat breeds. Select the desired breed and the screen enlarges to reveal related information.

Overview, Health and Grooming information is detailed. Click on the listed Common Problems and Diseases and see more detail.


Clients can navigate their way through 18 questions and generate a recommendation on a recommendation for 5 different breed based upon their answers.

Digital Whiteboard

Our Digital Whiteboard has many features. CHoose from our Medical Illustration Images, 3D Animations, Actual Patient (imported) Records, and Line Art Images. Annotate on each and email, or text home as desired.

Practice Reviewer

Reviewer allows clients to post reviews right to your social accounts. We provide a backend approval feature as well.

Photo Booth

Our Photo Booth instantly takes photos of clients with their pets. These photos can be posted to your Montage Gallery, to your website and to your social platforms as desired.


Your Gallery Widget loops photos taken on your Montage Boards.

Trivia Games

Keep your clients busy while they wait for the doctor. We feature over 70 trivia games on prts, history, sports, music. We probably have your favorite NFL, NBA and MLB team trivia.

Our Staff

Loop current Staff Photos and Bios.

Website and Blog

Instantly link your website and blog to Montage.

Trupanion Insurance

Provide instant Insurance Quotes from Trupanion. Your clients can enter the required data and receive a quote directly to their smartphone via email or text.

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