Meet Our Team

We maintain a unique balance of highly talented individuals, each specializing in his or her area of service. From marketing specialists to graphic designers to programmers and animators to web optimizers and copywriters, we have assembled a team that is unrivaled in the business.

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I founded Solutions by Design in 1985 with a business plan to offer local clients a full range of advertising, marketing and graphic design services. Given our location in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, we began to focus on select markets such as agriculture and healthcare. In the mid-eighties, our business flourished, doubling in size year after year.

We realized early on that change was on its way. With the advent of desktop publishing in the early 90's, and then the proliferation of the Internet soon after, it was only a matter of time before traditional marketing tactics would no longer be an effective means of communication. We installed one of the first full-featured desktop systems for graphic design in the Valley and began developing websites before Google even existed.

Many software applications back then were bulky and cumbersome. We decided that by combining our expertise in marketing, advertising, design, video production and technology that we could create a better user experience. We then began producing cutting-edge websites and integrated applications for a world market. Focused on orthodontics as a primary niche, we introduced ScreenPlay®, our clinical case presentation application. Following close behind was Montage and bLink, and our latest social media application, Check-in 4 Charity. ANDI was developed to offer our clients the ability to manage all of their Solutions by Design applications, giving our clients not only flexibility but autonomy in application management and content control.

Providing one-on-one social media services as well as search services has wrapped up our offering, creating a true technology ecosystem. We are now a total and integrated solution for our clients. Today our proprietary applications and services are utilized on a daily basis in more than 23 countries.

Our focus is now on our "Technology Eco-system", providing our clients with an integrated path and point-to-point solution, with technology-based marketing and communications for both local and web-based products.

We look forward to new challenges that will present themselves during the current technology explosion and beyond, and are committed to capitalizing on our strengths in design, marketing, and technology to continue to grow our business and serve our clients.

William "Bill" Poss

CEO/President Solutions By Design