Offering front-end user interface with robust back-end data management and processing

We have developed an array of programs in-house such as ScreenPlay, ANDI, AOA Access, Montage and other traditional and web-based applications. Our unique system of defining opportunities, documenting the vision, and implementing the development has proven to be very efficient and has served our clients well. Years of design experience, combined with our experience in developing both web-based and PC-based applications, allow us to work with a variety of businesses throughout the United States.
graphic programming
aoa screenshot


AOA Access is an amazing, new, web-based interface that allows practitioners worldwide to submit orders for their orthodontic appliance needs online. Newly developed intraoral scanning technology from AOA Lab will eliminate the impression process and create the opportunity to submit patient records to the lab directly from the desktop. Preset prescription parameters will allow the doctor to set up his or her preferences for each appliance with a dynamic "Digital Rx Center". Once these parameters have been established, the order entry and communication process is instant and accurate.

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