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All About Google Reviews

Published on March 13, 2019
all about google reviews

Reading reviews on a page, a business or a product are ingrained into our mind before clicking the purchase button. Whether it is Yelp, Facebook, product reviews, Google or the various review sites, each play a large part on our decisions when it comes to doing business. For a potential customer, a review can be the deciding factor for trusting you.

We know the importance and value of a positive review and positive reputation. There is no doubt that Google Reviews is the overall leader in reviews in large part because of Google being a main search engines and when people search in maps.

Google Reviews are reviews and ratings out of 5 stars left by Google users that appear with your business listing, on Google Maps and when someone searches for you on Google. This instant feedback from your customers is influential in helping others decide to do business with you.

Negative reviews will affect your business and how others see your customers services, product or services overall. It can greatly affect your SEO and listings on Google Maps. This can have a similar effect if you lack any reviews at all.

Google Reviews is a great easy way to gain trust with customers and potential customers also. By responding to Google Reviews, it shows you value both the customer feedback and criticism, taking in their responses seriously. It also provides value to your SEO strategy with an increase in visibility and rankings.

If you want to get started on Google Reviews, you first should create a Google My Business listing. A Google My Business listing is the listing that pops up when you search for a specific service in your area. This shows up regardless if you customize the listing or not. Google My Business allows you to customize your listing with all the right information from business hours to a description of your business, to photos for potential customers to view. Google My Business is your first interaction many people will see. Just like Google Reviews, a lack of photos, business hours and overall engagement will affect your business negatively.

How to Make a Google Review? 

  • The first step in adding a Google Review to a business, is to sign in to a Google account.
  • Google and click on the business location location 
  • Click "Write Reviews" which is near the bottom of the business’s listing 
  • Rate and leave a review 
  • Click Post 

Google Reviews are a big deciding factor for potential customers and by leveraging this simple tool, your business can benefit greatly. Need help with social media or some tips, contact us for more information at info@solutionsbydesign.com.  
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