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Big Fresno Fair, Big Success

Published on December 11, 2018

We are celebrating another successful event. In October, The Big Fresno Fair in Fresno, California showcased its annual award-winning Fresno County Historical Museum. The annual museum showcases the broader history of Fresno County, providing a place for everyone to learn about and see the diverse and rich history. The Big Fresno Fair is Central California’s largest event, attracting over 600,000 people every year, it is the fifth largest fair in the State of California.

Solutions By Design created a custom experience for fair attendees in collaboration with several Fresno organizations, including The Fresno Armenian Association and The Fresno County Historical Museum.

Solutions By Design designed custom interactive experiences using our Montage Interactive Display board. The Armenian History exhibit attracted those wanting to learn more about Armenian history and their contributions to the Fresno community. Our two interactive digital display boards had a custom interface where users engaged with historical locations and facts.

The two-story museum featured the fair’s newest exhibit that celebrated Fresno Boxing history. Solutions By Design created a custom Montage interface and hardware solution to present the past and present professional boxers in Central California. The exhibit takes you through the rich history of boxing in the Valley, through an interactive display board.

Our custom interactive display board played a large role in bringing history to attendees in an important interactive way, that engages and brings community history to life. View how attendees viewed engaged with Fresno history.

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